Within seconds of a new service being made available online, botnets start trying to attack it with username/password combinations. Vendors and consultants claim there is nothing you can do against this, and to make sure you use strong passwords.



Your servers are busy answering a multitude of connection attempts, and it’s just a matter of time before a botnet finds a username/password combination that actually works. As if that wasn’t bad enough, your security logs fill up with garbage an prevent you from seeing other potential issues.



Gatekeeper makes sure that the services are only visible to authorized IPs, and those IPs are dynamically updated as your authorized users move from location to location. Botnets can’t attack a service that they don’t see as existing.


The Gatekeeper Shield sits between your existing firewall and the internet. It completely hides designated services, such as Remote Desktop, from the internet. With the services appearing as non-existent from the internet, there is nothing for botnets to attack.

Only authorized IP addresses are allowed to see that a given port is available. The authorization process is made easy by simply installing the PC application, clicking on a web link on your desktop, or by using the app running on your Android or Apple phone.


Try Gatekeeper for free with our Demo Account. For more information go check out our pricing page below.


No long term contract required, the service is delivered on a monthly basis.

Is Evolvo Gatekeeper a product or a web service?

Gatekeeper is a cloud service. It consists of a PC application and an app for mobile devices if needed.

What services can be protected?

Gatekeeper can protect any service behind the Shielded IP, the most common ones being Remote Desktop, Email, FTP, SSH, Voip, Telnet and Web.

Does Gatekeeper work with my brand of router or firewall?

Gatekeeper was designed to work with any firewall or router. All that is required is that a rule be added to only allow protected ports to be accessed through a specific source IP.

Will this work with my internet provider or with my type of connection?

The Gatekeeper Service will work with all types of connection and ISPs, as long as your router/firewall has a public IP assigned to it.

I am not technically savvy - can you configure the whole thing for me?

The setup is remarkably simple and does not require advanced technical knowledge. See the Quick Start Guide under the Documentation section of this page.



Gatekeeper is designed to allow you to take control of your network security quickly and efficiently, without even touching your existing firewall.

It does this by completely hiding your services from the internet, as opposed to the usual “answer the request and see if the password is valid”. Botnets will use the validation process and keep trying to find the correct password until they gain access. With Gatekeeper, there’s simply nothing for them to try.


4 Simple Steps

  • Register for the Gatekeeper Service
  • Provision one or more Shields
  • Create users
  • Add a simple rule to your firewall/router


You’re done!

Mobile Devices


Pricing is in USD and is per month per Gatekeeper Shield.


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